What is Dattabot

Granular Data: Print
Smart Machine: Test analytics, OCR

Established in 2003, this company was born with experiment in its DNA. The initial idea was simple, to help empower people by giving them knowledge and gathered from any source using a "Smart-Machine". The business starts as a media monitoring company. Gathering data from print media and digitizing it, and then offering it to client as media monitoring service. As we experiment in digitizing the newspaper, we started to build a linguistic database, a dictionary that helps the computer understand and digitize Indonesian word from the media.

Granular Data: Online
Smart Machine: Network Analysis

As our linguistic database grew, our appetite for data increased and we decided to collect more than just linguistic data from formal media, but also capturing geo-demographic data, online, and social media, in fact, any kind of data. More data means our ability to empower people with better knowledge is greater.

Smart Machine: Ecosystem Roadmap
Predictive analysis

This year, we started to thinking about how to scale-up our impact. We did it by transforming our business into to data analytics service and developed an ecosystem road map to define how we can use our technology to create more impact for the society.

This year, we also have a major milestone by winning our first Multimillion Dollar long term contract with one of the largest multinational company in Indonesia.

Granular Data: Spatial
Smart Machine: Distributed Computing Knowledge Graph

We continue to expanding our capabilities in data, going beyond offering services, we started to develop technology products.

Granular Data: Crowd Sourcing
Smart Machine: Machine Learning

This year was another major milestone in our journey, pivoting from a Data-Driven Consulting Service company into a Big Data Analytics company with a focus on Data Integration.

We use our proprietary data, technology, and analytics capability to create technological solutions that help clients to improve their business performance.

Granular Data: Internet of Things
Smart Machine: AGI

in 2016, we rebranded our company as Dattabot. A new identity that can better reflect our current Data Analytics business instead of our legacy as a media monitoring company. After a 13-year of journey, our team has now grown into more than 180 people collaborating to create the technology that can help connect all data as a way to help solve the world's toughest problems. But through all twist, turns, and pivots in our journey, our mission to gather data as a way to empower people through better knowledge remains the same. We may use different technologies and tools in our constant experiments, but nothing is gonna divert us from our mission.