What is Dattabot

Data and Robot. Two key elements that perfectly encapsulates who we are. An intelligent machine that can help you handle your data and turn it into something valuable.

We decided it would be perfect us to develop a Robot character as part of this identity.

And this is his story.


"One day, as machine get smarter, a new type of robot will be created that will be good enough to replace humans”
-The Scientist, the Engineer of Dattabot.

From the mind of a mad scientist obsessed with building a machine smarter than the human mind, a type of robot was designed with the goal of helping human solve the world’s toughest problem. This type of Robot is what he called Dattabot. A robot that can gather and process all the knowledge humanity has ever created, so it will have a deep understanding of the world around it, and an uncanny understanding of what makes us tick. A potent combination that will make it the most helpful assistant the world has ever seen.

This type of robot will be telepathically connected with a super-mechanical-brain called Zuperbot. When Dattabots faced something they cannot comprehend, they will reconnect with Zuperbot as their “Mother-Brain” to look for guidance.

In 2016, Jerry was finally created as the first prototype of Dattabot, the name was inspired by the scientist’s handy and resourceful lab assistant.