The Core Technology

Our ability to unlock the value within your data is powered by a platform built on top of three layers of sophisticated technologies: Knowledge Graph, Machine Learning, and Artificial General Intelligence.

Combined, these technologies clean, connect and enrich your data for preparation of Data Analytics application in any industry. The unique combination of these technologies enable the application of Big Data in a condition where most of the data is still unconnected and undigitized – a challenge common in most organizations and a very common condition in the developing world.

This platform is basically an AI-powered Data Processing Robot (that’s why we’re called Dattabot) which will prepare and process your data, turning it into valuable recommendations that gives you an edge over the competition.

Connecting the Data

The robot cleans connects all types of your data from various sources, connecting it with one another to create a more complete knowledge center. We can also enrich your data with the data from our massively rich library.

Profiling and Discovery

Once we have ready-and-enriched data, we train it through our analytics and hyper-profiling engine, discovering hidden connections that can give meaningful information.

Contextual Recommendations

Our engine will present you with relevant leads and recommendations that can help you achieve better result in your business.